The Book of esther....a king, a queen and a pawn and the providence of god

The goal of Chess is to maneuver your pieces in an effort to remove your opponent's pieces and ultimately capture his or her King. That might sound easy enough, but don't forget your opponent has the same goal in mind, so while you're strategizing your win, you also have to strategize your defense. There are some hard and fast rules in Chess, but there is also an art to achieving the ultimate goal of “checkmate” (winning the game). The art is in the movement of your pieces and the way you strategize the win.

In the Book of Esther, we see the hand of God moving even though His name is never mentioned. We see the strategy of Haman and the boldness of Esther and the wisdom of the King....all because God was behind the scenes knowing who to move, at just the right time....For such a Time as This.