His covenant kids

We have started up our children's church ministry!

Each week our children are learning the

same message as in Church so you will

be able to interact with them about what they learned!

Our children are part of our Praise & Worship and

Then are dismissed for age appropriate classes.

Nursery thru 7th Grade


The mission of Covenant Messiah Church's Children's Ministry is to provide an environment where each child will know, go and show the love of God.  We will demonstrate and instruct our Covenant Kids in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the filling of the Holy Spirit.  We endeavor to accomplish this by spirit lead events, age appropriate Bible teaching and an accepting, safe, caring and loving environment.


It is our vision the the children of Covenant Messiah Church would develop into Earth Changers  and History Makers.

His Covenant Kids are always staffed with a minimum of two trained volunteers that

have undergone vigorous background checks.